Strategy management consulting

Based on my experiences with large multinational companies, I believe that the organizations that succeed in the long run are those who have a clear mission, a vision, an enduring value system, and strategic priorities that employees know and “own”.

  • Who is it for?

    Strategy management consulting is targeted at leaders, managers, business owners and management teams of SMEs, NGOs, start-ups and large enterprises that require support in developing, implementing, or reviewing organizational strategy and vision.

  • How do I work as a strategy management consultant?

    Consulting the leader of the organization or the person in charge of the vision and strategy making process, I prepare an action plan on the possible steps to be taken. My services include organizational diagnosis and situation assessment, conducting executive interviews and employee surveys, facilitating vision and strategy design workshops, and setting up project portfolios. The whole process is iterative, with multiple rounds of interactive workshops, and may take several weeks or even two or three months to complete, depending on the size of the organization.

    Supplemented with Team Coaching, the process can be used to creatively improve the organisation’s ability to execute strategies, and it also enhances dialogue and collaboration between departments.

  • How much do I charge, and where do I work?

    Costs for strategy management consulting vary, depending on the requirements and length of delivery. The location is provided by the customer. If you are interested in exploring strategy management consulting services with me, please get in touch. I would be happy to discuss your company’s needs and then develop a proposal for you on the basis of our conversation.

  • Why would you want to work with me?

    Since 2006, I have worked as a strategy management consultant for a number of organizations, in the corporate, non-governmental, and SME sectors, having acquired the fundamentals at the headquarters of British American Tobacco in London. The time I spent at BAT as a corporate PMO manager was an important period in my career as it helped me see from close up how one of the largest international organizations in the world creates its vision and strategy and cascades them into local strategic and operational goals and projects.

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