Interim project management

Interim means temporary. For projects, an interim manager may be needed when an unexpected crisis situation arises: the project manager leaves unexpectedly during the project or a project needs to be started urgently, but no resources have been allocated yet. It may also happen that a special stage or area of the project needs a transition manager, to kick off the project or design its change management strategy. In these cases, an interim manager can provide a quick workaround solution.

  • Who is it for?

    Interim management is targeted at any organization or company that needs some external help for a period of up to 3-6 months. As an Interim I can take on the role of the Project Manager, PMO Manager or Change Manager.

  • How do I work as an interim project manager?

    Consulting the person in charge of the assignment, I assess the workload and will make a quote for the assignment.

  • How much do I charge, and where do I work?

    Costs for interim management services vary, depending on the requirements and length of delivery. The location is provided by the customer. If you are interested in my interim management services, please get in touch. I would be happy to discuss your company’s needs and then develop a proposal for you on the basis of our conversation.

  • Why would you want to work with me?

    As a project or program manager I am very good at finding solutions to problems in crisis situations and I can successfully navigate my way through complex management environments. In large companies, I experienced this several times when I had to take over a project unexpectedly because the project manager left the company mid-term in the project.
    In 2013 I was awarded “Project Manager of the Year” in Hungary for the execution of the first Vodafone RED campaigns. I am an active member of two professional associations, the American Project Management Institute and the Hungarian Project Management Association. Also, since 2017 I have been a guest speaker at Corvinus University’s Department of Strategy and Project Management in Budapest, lecturing on the importance of emotional intelligence in projects.

    As an interim manager, I have two outstanding assignments as references: managing international investment fairs in Milan, Munich, and Cannes on behalf of the mayor of Budapest, and serving as an interim managing director at Hungary’s oldest symphony orchestra, now called Concerto Budapest. Besides overseeing the operational management of the orchestra, I also coordinated the ownership transition project of the orchestra between Magyar Telekom, its former owner, the State Secretariat for Culture, its new owner, and the orchestra’s Board of Trustees.

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