PMO consulting

Project Management Office, or PMO for short, is a virtual office, often meant as a separate organizational unit in larger companies and functioning as a “project management center”. There are several types of PMO; I would like to highlight two of them here. One is the strategic or corporate PMO, which is responsible for facilitating the strategy development and project portfolio creation process, and the other is a more operational PMO, used by large complex programs, to support the program management team. As Anglo-Saxon companies have a particularly strong project management culture, I am fortunate enough to have gained significant experience in both types of PMOs during my 9 years at BAT and Vodafone.

  • Who is it for?

    I provide PMO consulting services to project and program office managers, project portfolio managers and program directors, to improve project management culture within their organization, and to set up project and program portfolios to enhance strategy delivery. I also conduct workshops and audits to assess the status of any projects or programs.

  • How do I work as a PMO consultant?

    Consulting the project, program or portfolio manager about the current status of the organizational project culture and / or project and program in question, I prepare an action plan which may include diagnosis, process development and implementation. I work individually, but I can also involve other professionals if needed.

  • How much do I charge, and where do I work?

    Costs for PMO consulting vary, depending on the requirements and length of delivery. The location is provided by the customer. If you are interested in PMO consulting services with me, please get in touch. I would be happy to discuss your company’s needs and then develop a proposal for you on the basis of our conversation.

  • Why would you want to work with me?

    As a corporate program office manager at BAT’s local and regional levels, I gained significant experience in developing strategic and operational project portfolios, creating a matrix-based project management culture within the company, and improving project leadership skills of business managers.
    For many years, I was a member of an expert team at Vodafone Hungary responsible for developing and overseeing the governance of the corporate project portfolio, including the annual budget planning process and the preparation of projects for decision making at the management board.
    In addition to these experiences in large companies, I also worked as an external PMO consultant for half a dozen non-governmental and SME organizations, too.

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