Business & Team coaching

The focus of business and team coaching is on the performance of an entire organization, an organizational unit, or a team. It is a great tool to help management, or functional teams resolve organizational dilemmas, accept organizational changes, and enhance collaboration within and across teams, and between manager and team.

  • Who is it for?

    Business and team coaching is recommended for SMEs, start-ups, NGOs, and large corporate teams and departments who recognize the importance of systems thinking, teamwork, and group learning for their success. It is especially effective when complex processes such as high fluctuation, toxic managerial communication, or low levels of collaboration have started in the organization.

    Team coaching is usually recommended for teams of 3-8 people, such as the management or ownership team, a project team, or an organizational unit. It strengthens inter- and intra-team collaboration and communication.

  • How do I work as a business & team coach?

    As a first step I assess the current situation which includes conducting interviews with you, attending team meetings as an observer, or conducting a survey with team members, based on which I design a team coaching program in consultation with you, taking into account your organizational objectives and priorities, as well as any budget and time commitments.

    A team and organizational development tool that I strongly prefer is the “action-learning” method, where managers and staff can work together on a real problem, reflecting on their own experiences. This technique not only professionally forges team members into a real team, but also promotes the development of their emotional intelligence and facilitates the flow of information and knowledge within the organization.

  • How many sessions are needed, how much do I charge, and where do I work?

    The fee is subject to individual agreement as it depends on the complexity of the task and the size of the organization, department, and team. Team coaching can be applied on a one-off basis or embedded into a longer development program lasting several months. One session usually lasts for 3 to 4 hours, or an entire day, and it is worth scheduling sessions every 2-3 weeks if it is part of a longer team development process.

    I work independently but, depending on the complexity of the task, I can also engage other experts. If you are interested in a coaching program for your team or your organization, please get in touch. I would be happy to discuss your needs and then develop a proposal for you on the basis of our conversation.

  • Why would you want to work with me?

    Because I have a strong systems thinking approach to situations and I am also very good at understanding team dynamics. As well as my 15 years of experience with local, international, and virtual teams in large companies, I also worked 3 years as an external coach and consultant with executives and teams in SMEs, NGOs, and public sector organizations. My integrative team coach training in 2019 helped me to combine these experiences with academic knowledge, too, and realize that team development should be embedded in a broader organizational context to make it more efficient. I also studied systemic team coaching at the London based Academy of Executive Coaching for two years and obtained my Master Practitioner Team Coach diploma in January 2022. The training became virtual during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and I’m sharing my experiences with the virtual format in the below webinar.

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