Career coaching

For me, a career is not just about career paths in multinational companies. Career means all that we do based on our professional interests from our studies to paid work; things we do outside of our private life. By coaching, I mean a creative set of tools, methodology, and result-oriented processes to help you formulate a longer-term career strategy, as well as personal and business values and goals. During coaching sessions, we also assess what opportunities are available to you and whether there are any internal constraints that hinder your professional development.
If required, we can also work on ‘self-branding’ you, to build and communicate a more professional profile of you.

  • Who is it for?

    Unlike HR experts, career consultants and headhunters, I do not provide career and job search guidance, or job market analysis, and I do not conduct personality tests with you. Instead, I focus on you getting to know yourself better, supporting you to better articulate your professional and career goals, expectations, and opportunities. Career coaching is therefore recommended for ambitious mid-career professionals who would like some guidance to find more meaning, focus and well-being in their work life.
    I can also support graduate students and start-up entrepreneurs in career planning and individual career development.

  • How do I work as a career coach?

    During the first introductory session, we discuss the key topics for contracting and what career coaching should cover. In the following sessions, we will review your career achievements to date, your personal and professional motivations and ambitions, competency strengths and shortcomings, and based on this we will design your career plans and the path to achieve them. We will then review various self-marketing materials, such as resumes, linkedin and social media profiles, to see if they fit with your personality and the career goals you set for yourself. If required, I can also support you in preparing for a job interview or change of position at your workplace or help you transition from being an employee to working as an entrepreneur.

  • How many sessions are needed, how much do I charge, and where do I work?

    A career coaching agreement typically consists of one-on-one sessions, with a length of 90 minutes, meeting weekly, fortnightly or monthly, over a time period dictated by you (normally 1-3 months). I offer a choice of 3, 6 and 12 session coaching programs. A minimum of three interventions are recommended for significant impact, but you can also book a one-off session with me.

    The fee for both business and private clients is agreed on an individual basis and the first consulting session is a free, no-obligation 45-minute Discovery call, or coffee meeting, at my office in downtown Budapest. I also work via Zoom but prefer to work face-to-face whenever possible. However, during the COVID pandemic I primarily conduct sessions via ZOOM. I can open my schedule in the evening or on weekend by request. I coach clients in both Hungarian and English.

    If you are interested in a career coaching program for yourself, please get in touch. I would be happy to discuss what you are looking for from career coaching and explore how I could help.

  • Why would you want to work with me?

    I have experience redefining and redesigning myself. I entered the workplace in 2001 and have since then worked both as an employee as well as an entrepreneur, setting up my own consulting company back in 2004. I started as an English-French interpreter then I moved on to become a manager, then a consultant and coach, and I graduated as a work and organizational psychologist in 2022. Each profession and role needs to be designed differently, each requiring a different person. With all the above experiences, I have supported dozens of people in how to define themselves better and find the work and vocation that best suits their personality and ambitions.

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